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General / Re: Have you ever used or owned a Dingoo?
« on: 04 September 2011, 20:48 »
1 Bricked.... I dropped a blob of solder in the mainboard and it never turned on again :(
1 reason to be away from soldering  ;)
For dingoo, last time checked, i found this pricey and a bit smallish, when it came out i was bored from console in overall, just covering the xbox emu.

could never use one until today.

Actually behind the psp screen, i'm tempted by the Xperia play could be an interesting toy for nomad retrogamers under android, the design and possibilities are pretty sweet, it's appealing. 

but, for 8-16bit portable emulation i like gba - nds hombrew emu and stuff are sufficient for me today, but still to try something else.

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