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General / Source 142
« on: 01 June 2011, 08:08 »
Hi, thanks for your great job, !
Mameplus-ex is the only version with audio sync function...

Is possible have the source?

General / Re: Source
« on: 15 January 2011, 14:49 »
source would be great because hi score function doesn't work. It needs to be compiled and patched with hi_141.diff by MKChamp.
The hiscore function work fine....
I have put in new folder mameui 141, then I added the file hiscore.dat and the exe of mamext 141, doing so hi score work fine...

General / Source
« on: 11 January 2011, 15:37 »
hi simone, thanks for your new relase!
Is possible have the source of 141?


General / 60HZ
« on: 10 January 2011, 09:59 »
Some time ago i compiled versions of mame setting 60hz in all games, is possible create an option in the GUI that allows  select only specific game with this feature?


Off Topic / Ciao!
« on: 09 January 2011, 16:58 »
Ciao a tutti...
Ops..Hi to all!!!
My english not is good...

I came here after tried MAME XT PLUS!
Great version!

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