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Undumped Wiki / Re: Many infos
« on: 18 June 2020, 00:28 »
Addition to avoid a possible neglect as happened to me:

A Mancopter's blurred screenshot, arcade?, atari 8 bits?, PC ports?, a static mock-up?, commodore64 loading screen?... i dont found an original g64 or nib dump of this game to check it.

After Mancopter's Nichibutsu/Datasoft case and deeping into the Datasoft catalogue, another rare thing:

An image of the supossed arcade cabinet can be found here in the back box of the Atari 8-bits version:

A possible snapshot of the real arcade game can be found here:

A list of home ports released can be found here:

Lots of info can be found in a forum topic here:

Undumped Wiki / Many infos
« on: 26 May 2020, 16:27 »
As since around January undumped wiki whitout any explanation is offline i put here pendent things at least to recover perhaps some day.

Some Uniana games wich maybe are not in undumped or had some additional images or info:

Chicago coin arcade games maybe not listed in undumped or had some additional images or info:

List of arcade games by Tsunami unknown wich of them are in undumped wiki:

Air Raid
Astro-Canyon Coaster Ride
Air Strike
Desert Doom Motion Ride
Beach Head 2000 - Special Edition
Genie's Magic Carpet Ride
Crimson Skies
Phoenix Roller Coaster Ride
Raven Roller Coaster Ride
MechWarrior 4 Vengeance
Twister Roller Coaster Ride
Star Wars Starfighter
Volcano Mine Ride

Two arcade games by korean? developer SAINT-FUN:

Battle Rider

Loop Racer GT

Mancopter (Nichibutsu?, 1984?)

This is the typical case in wich a home computer game had arcade playing style but had some references to an arcade game manufacturer.


Kirie e Leison - 2017-04-02
I saw in some photos that it was "trademark of Nichibutsu". Nichibutsu was an arcade manufacturer; Datasoft did at least one licensed computer conversion of a Nichibutsu game, Moon Shuttle. Maybe Mancopter was a conversion of an arcade game idea that was never realized?


The game was only released for Commodore 64, an "Atari" (400, 800 series?) and IBM PC versions were advertised but it seems never released.

Commodore 64 box & disk.

The "Trademark Nichibutsu USA" is present in the advertise, in the sticker of the Commodore 64 disk game and in the back of the box.


Was the Nichibutsu reference of the game due an error by Datasoft?. As ever, if somebody can contact whit the programmer Scott Spanburg, musician John A. Fitzpatrick and/or graphist Kelly Day?, to confirm if they got their sources from an arcade machine.

Undumped Wiki / Re: Database error
« on: 30 March 2020, 08:25 »
Would it be possible to access the undumped page with an address while it does not return ?.

Thank you.

Undumped Wiki / http://gamebase.retrogames.com/dumping.htm
« on: 05 August 2017, 13:50 »
This outdated page might be some unlisted games in undumped wiki:




"Pac & Paint   Zaccaria       No       No deal with owner for dumping"

Found a strange cocktail table (unusually large) in a garage sale, but sold.

Might be this of the game?.


And a pcb arcade board named Counter Attack ("C.ATTACK" stickers in two chips) and descripted as "table game" (and some others unknown pcbs listed).


Undumped Wiki / Re: Parasol Stars
« on: 03 October 2016, 02:33 »
Somebody accquired a strange PC-Engine Hack whit Parasol Stars.

"Interesting. Have you connected this to a JAMMA harness? I'd be curious to see if it can register credits from the coin inputs."


It's possible test this whit the original PC-Engine game release to see if can register credits from coin inputs?.

Undumped Wiki / Death came from Verminest (2016)
« on: 02 October 2016, 18:12 »
Game exclusively designed for arcade.

Presented in ArcadeCon show 2016.


Two snapshots:


Yes the image is worse qualtily ("musical world" and "woods/forest world" stages) but there are some basic coincidences from:



-Different platform patterns, no coincidence whit any level of Parasol Stars PC-Engine and neighter whit the "mistery photo". In general the first taito mistery level is similar but not identical to level two of PC-Engine's music world. The new snapshot found is similar but again not matched exactly to the four level of PC-engine "musical world".

-Left upper section not appears name player 1 "BUBBY", like in PC-Engine. The last letter of BUBBY the "Y" is always on top of the last score number wich is ever "0". This not happends in these two strange snapshots.

-Background whit black mountains as the "mistery photo".

-Lines representing a partiture whit musical notes as the "mistery photo"?.


-BUT a new and third "strange snapshot" is found thats the "woods world stage", the picture from the magazine ads do not match (again) whit any platform pattern of woods world PC-Engine release, all seems, ok, but the two (statics) cutted trees enemies whit a black hole in the middle is not seen in PC-Engine, in any level never appears simultaneously in a stage two enemies trees, only one.

Undumped Wiki / Re: Tourvision (A.K.A) PC-Engine bootleg.
« on: 27 June 2016, 17:23 »
Current thinking is Parasol Stars in the Tourvision web pages that exist is probably mistaken for Liquid Kids,  which TourVision marketed as Parasol Stars II because it was the only bit of English on the cart.

Right, the "PC-Engine" time-line releases are, Parasol Stars Feb '91, Mizubaku Daibouken/(Liquid kids) Jan '92 in spite the arcade version sept '90. So i think is a normal mistake see "Mizubaku Daibouken" as a sequel/rip-off of Parasol Stars.

But according whit the big list above a tourvision Parasol Stars must be exists/ed.

Undumped Wiki / Re: Tourvision (A.K.A) PC-Engine bootleg.
« on: 21 April 2016, 03:01 »
Updated current undumped games:

*New from web images search: "Vigilante".


Batman (images from the magazine on marquee)
Blodia (according whit the page)
Dragon Egg (images from the magazine on marquee)
F-1 Triple Battle (images from the magazine on marquee)
Hatris (images from the magazine title screen on a monitor and marquee)
Legendary Axe (images from the magazine in-game image on a monitor and marquee)
Legendary Axe II (according whit the page)
Out Run (images from the magazine highsocres list on monitor and marquee)
Parasol Stars (according whit the page)
Titan (images from the magazine on marquee)
*Vigilante (Image cartridge found)

-And cartridge phots whit "Blodia" and "Legendary Axe" among other unknown titles.


Undumped Wiki / Tourvision (A.K.A) PC-Engine bootleg.
« on: 17 April 2016, 01:33 »
Interesing but outdated list of dumped/undumped "Tourvision" games.


Interesing too the info from a old spanish (arcade?) magazine from 1991 talking about the system, among others things to be considered:



-Main target exported to Venezuela, Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland and other sites.

-Around 1000 installed PCBs.

-80 titles avaiables, (in MAME 0.172 actually 67 avaiables).

-In some images apart from some not much clear games i've easily reconigzed, "Batman and Out-Run" (this one whit the list records screen).

So if somenody whit deep konwledges for PC-Engine games/covers can identify more games.

Updated current undumped games:

Batman (images from the magazine on marquee)
Blodia (according whit the page)
Dragon Egg (images from the magazine on marquee)
F-1 Triple Battle (images from the magazine on marquee)
Hatris (images from the magazine title screen on a monitor and marquee)
Legendary Axe (images from the magazine in-game image on a monitor and marquee)
Legendary Axe II (according whit the page)
Out Run (images from the magazine highsocres list on monitor and marquee)
Parasol Stars (according whit the page)
Titan (images from the magazine on marquee)

Undumped Wiki / Re: Parasol Stars, just curiousity sake.
« on: 28 March 2016, 10:23 »
Solely some questions to designer PC-Engine "Parasol Stars" (Kataru "Talk" Uchimura) as i don't found any way to contact whit him.

1-What are the locations or better where was tested the PC-Engine Parasol Stars location test cab?, (conventions?, shows?, arcade saloons?...other...?).

2-Was the cab coin operated? (by time play like nintendo's playchoice?), it was free play?, or had the game a diferent code to work as a coin-operated traditional arcade game?, (count credit per coin).

3-What think/know him about this image: http://unmamed.mameworld.info/parasol/english.html

If somebody find this person to ask him...


Undumped Wiki / "Zone Hunter": Small bit of aditional info.
« on: 25 March 2016, 01:39 »

Nothing new seems about "Tecwar".

But "Zone Hunter": http://faberp.tripod.com/zh.htm

-Licenced to Taito in Japan.

-And some more new not really good snapshots.

Undumped Wiki / Parasol Stars, just curiousity sake.
« on: 02 January 2016, 17:52 »
Two pages:

1- From a french magazine "Console+" (june,1992) talking about Taito's WOWWOW prototype console.


2-From a japanese magazine:


Found a page, not sure if had some extra info about it:



This is a list of games i'm surprised what are not in MAME and/or in undumped wiki, probably i forgot somehing, but if anybody can re-check if this miss-list is accurated?.

-Gotcha  (Atari, 1973)

-Hi-Way  (Atari, 1975)

-Quadrapong (Atari, 1974)

-Rebound (Atari, 1974)

-Space Race (Atari, 1973)

-TV Basketball (Midway, 1974) -in preserved list but not in MAME-

Category "nothing to dump".

Newletter in gacho.jpg file maybe is reffered to "Kozoutai Gaccho"?, note that year date of the newsletter is 1987, (possible mentions of others titles?):

"Wild Boy" mentioned in a Taito newsletter the first impression is was some sort of tarzan kid jungle theme, (possible mentions of others titles?):

A japanese-english translator is needed to take a look what's the info of the newsletters and/or even a skilled web-technic as i've found those images on Google-images search so who know how many other things are in this page?.

Note: I searched on http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/ those newsletters but didn't find.

Found a new small image (strangely it is not taken from the flyer):

Anonymous person comment:

62 :ゲームセンター名無し:04/11/16 00:03:38 ID:???

Quote from:  Anonymous
04/11/16 00:03:38 ID:???
Iuchi Hiroshi Treasure is yeah was in charge of the background graphics are dive-bombing Corps

"Iuchi Hiroshi" is in fact "Hiroshi Iuchi":



Any plausible source about the arcade version?.

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