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clrmame Discussion / Re: Possible bug in clrmamepro v3.134b?
« on: 04 August 2010, 05:07 »
Awesome!  Thanks Roman!!!   ;D

That's a nice alternative that I wasn't aware of, thanks for pointing it out! 

And it would be even cooler if it were to save a file even if there were no reported problems   ;D

Thanks again for taking the time to help out Roman, your work is very much appreciated!

Ah, but I store a miss list in with each of my rom directories.  I love the miss list function and use it all the time!  Please fix it when you get a chance :)

Great, thanks Roman!  And thanks for all your hard work, I've used clrmamepro for years, excellent software!!!

clrmame Discussion / Possible bug in clrmamepro v3.134b?
« on: 27 July 2010, 17:54 »
I think this might be a bug, please feel free to correct me if I am missing something.

The problem is that the miss list shows missing sets when sample sets have no corresponding rom set.

You are missing 1 of 8734 known MAME v0.138 sets (+ BIOS sets)


Steps to reproduce:
Create dat file from mame.exe (mame0138b.exe downloaded from http://mamedev.org)
"OK to all" when prompted "Missing Alternative Samplefolder will be added as sample-only set."
"No to all" when prompted "Press yes to remove parent/clone relationship or no to force split-merge mode."
"No to all" when prompted "Insert found checksum instead of using the 'nodump'?"
Add rom path for roms
Add rom path for chds
Add sample path for samples
Scan with sets, roms, samples and chds selected, all "check" categories selected, no "fix" categories selected
Results window is empty
Statistics window shows:
·Sets                 0/8734
·Roms                 0/127120
·CHDs                 0/447
·Samples              0/2542
·Bytes                0/80gb

Click on "Miss List..." to generate miss list, which shows 1 missing set, as shown above.

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