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clrmame Discussion / Re: ClrMamePro says 'wrong name' wrongly?
« on: 21 January 2021, 23:51 »
Hi Roman,

Thank you for you quick reply.

I took the sfd10001.zip (which contains the six 6 files, as you can see in the image above) and rebuild it, and it created a sfd10001.zip with only 5 files.

It seems that 901467.uk6 which is identical to 901467-01.5c is inside c8050fdc.zip and it's so not needed in sfd10001.zip

Because both 901467.uk6 and 901467-01.5c are identical, and 901467.uk6 'belonging to another place' what ClrMame wanted to do is simply rename it as 901467-01.5c, and so it what it wanted to do was correct.

One question about software lists..... The proper way to add them to my current MAME setup would be

1.- Point ClrMame to mame64.exe to create a new dat file and when it prompts a message about Software Lists say Yes
2.- Place all Software List roms and chds inside the 'roms' folder, alongside my current MAME roms and CHD
3.- Scan with ClrMame and fix if needed

????? Is that correct?? Or is it possible to keep MAME roms & CHDs and Software Lists ROMS & CHDs on separate directories?

clrmame Discussion / ClrMamePro says 'wrong name' wrongly?
« on: 21 January 2021, 18:29 »
Hi Roman,

When using clrmame to check MAME 227 (dat obtained with clrmame from mame64.exe), it reports one file as wrongly named... but it seems that's it's a file that according to the set information, has to exist twice with different names. What could be happening?

See attached pic

Thank you!

Thank you very much Roman!

The scan tree window is empty so I got the full .210 correctly.


I've got the .210 Split set complete and clrmamepro Scan statistics say:

But the Miss List shows this:

 You are missing 14 of 40411 known MAME_v210 sets (+ BIOS sets)


It says this:

Due to merging differences, some sets are (currently) not reproducible using the MAME binary or -listxml output.
In order to reproduce the available full sets with any Rom Manager, it's highly recommended to use the attached datfiles.

And then they post the datfiles below

I've put them in my OneDrive if you want to check them:


Maybe this datfiles are different than generating them from mame.exe or maybe not…..



Thank you very much for your quick reply!

About the setting to change the compression…. last time I 'updated' my set was on MAME .149 so it's been a long time

.210 was released two days ago and while I was looking to update my .209 to .210 roms, I've seen these post:


Where it says that 'Due to merging differences, some sets are (currently) not reproducible using the MAME binary or -listxml output.
In order to reproduce the available full sets with any Rom Manager, it's highly recommended to use the attached datfiles.'

So what's better…. to create the .210 datfile using clrmamepro with the mame64.exe binary...or use the datfile that PD provides?



I have Clrmamepro 4.035 and .209 full set (merged). Only the .zips, without the chds.

I think split is better.... so pointed clrmamepro to the .209 binary and created a dat file (saying ‘no’ to software lists and then ‘ok to all’)

On the rebuilder option, selected as the source path the folder that contains all the zips of the merged roms, and as the destination path a new folder in other place.

I have two questions:

1.- On clrmamepro Settings->compression, there’s no ‘zip’ tab to select the compression level. (I think there is supposed to be a selector to select from 1 to 9) So what will the compression level that clrmamepro use when rebuilding?

2.- For example, now the rebuilding process is at 32% and says:
168244 matched
54500 created
2350 skipped

Why are there so many skipped things? I think that if I have a merged set, which is all files parent+clones on the same zip, and to convert it to split what clrmamepro does is create separate parent and clone sets, why it says it skipping things? Aren’t all the files of a merged full set useful for a split full set?

Thank you!

clrmame Discussion / Re: Problem on CRC of darkhors
« on: 07 January 2010, 01:27 »
Hi Roman,

thank you

so i asume that this eeprom was changed from 135 to 136 right?? size is 128??

i think i have found it!
only one question: could someone who didn't find it have created a file "eeprom" with the correct CRC, Size and Hash, with nothing in it, only to have clrmamepro saying he has the complete set?

thank you, happy new year!

clrmame Discussion / Problem on CRC of darkhors
« on: 03 January 2010, 00:53 »

i have got a problem on eeprom rom on darkhors
Dark Horse (bootleg of Jockey Club II) [folder: darkhors - parent: jclub2 - size: 6mb]

clrmame pro says its  missing
i have eeprom with crc:

and it says
missing rom: eeprom [size: 128] [CRC32: 1f434f66] [SHA1: e1bee11d83fb72aed9c312bdc794d8b9a6645534]

i cant find one with the correct crc

is it a problem of the dat? of clrmame? mine?
i made the dad with clrmamepro pointing to mameui32 version 136

thank you!!

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