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clrmame Discussion / Re: Scan All to Fix Missing
« on: 24 December 2009, 04:43 »
Ahhh ha.  That works perfectly.  Thanks for the clarification Roman.  I've always only used the Rebuilder to simply recompress sets.  I realize now that it basically works like a scan in reverse (scan concentrates on one set at a time and searches for files; rebuild concentrates on one file at a time and searches for the matching set).  That is definitely far more efficient than repeatedly scanning the same files every time a missing file is discovered.  I should have been using this all along!

Thanks for your ingenious tool.

clrmame Discussion / Scan All to Fix Missing
« on: 23 December 2009, 21:21 »
I am a long-time CMP user and I noticed that a within the past few months or so that the fix missing by scanning all sets option was removed.  I found this option particularly useful for inappropriately named console/handheld sets.  I have a dedicated emulation computer so it does not concern me with how long the process takes.  It's still a hundred times faster than manually renaming each archive/folder.  In the past I used GoodTools for console auditing but I prefer ClrMamePro with No-Intro DATs now.

Is there any way to have the current version of ClrMamePro scan for missing ROMs in all zip files by using CRC32 or even SHA1/MD5 only?  If not, is there any possibility that this option will return?


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