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clrmame Discussion / Re: Custom Audits
« on: 02 December 2009, 23:08 »
Go to Scanner->Set Information (bottom left button in the tree window).

There you got the chance to enable/disable the sets yourself either with use of variables, regular expressions or loading a list of sets. Either with or without automatically enabling parent/clones.
Ohh nice, i'll have a play with that :D THX

clrmame Discussion / Custom Audits
« on: 02 December 2009, 00:35 »
Hi, great work on clrmamepro. It is the best MAME auditer :)

Over last 5 or 6 years since i have been using this utility, i've always wanted the ability to audit a set amount of roms in MAME, and i'm sure other people would welcome this too, just to audit the games that matter to them. What i'm saying, is it possible to add a feature sometime in the future to allow us to create a custom list of games, and audit those MAME games only (including parents, and clones of those games).

So for example, i want to audit:

(parents - selectable in list)

How about a search box screen, where you type in the parent rom name, click OK, and that adds it to your custom audit list, then move onto next parent rom name, etc, until you have a list of parent roms of games im interested in. Once finished, the program could then make the custom list of the parent roms i''ve selected + automatically adding the clones too. Then, when i go to audit, i only need to audit what i have in this list only.

So when i click on missing, instead of showing all the MAME roms, it will only show missing roms for those games i have in my custom list only :)

Anyway, i would find that most useful, and maybe other people would too. This is not a request, its more i wishlist thing, hehe.


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