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Is it possible to have uncompressed files in the root of a folder without having to be in "set" folders? I know the official way would be to either have them in a supported compressed format, like zip, 7z, rar OR for them to be in set folders under the ROMPath. These files don't need to be compressed, and I really don't want one file per sub folder when they can be nicely in one directory. These aren't CHD's, but I did notice there was an option for CHD's to "Allow CHDs in ROMPath root". Would it be possible to get that option for any file type?

clrmame Discussion / RVZ Support?
« on: 21 January 2022, 20:08 »
Would it be possible to get some kind of support for RVZ Compression? Something like the CHDMan. Dolphin comes with a CLI Tool called DolphinTools that can verify a file. This would be for GC and Wii dats, which have crc32 on the .iso formats of the files. The tool calculates the internal data of the .rvz which will match the original data crc.

dolphintool.exe verify -i "SomeGame.rvz" -a crc32

From what i can see it could almost look like your CHDMan setup under Compressor.
Executable: dolphintool.exe
Verify: verify -i %1 -a crc32

It can also do md5 and sha1, but i think crc32 would be enough.

This outputs a CRC32 Value of the internal compressed data. Which matches the official released dat of the .iso's

Having RVZ Support in a tool for verification would be awesome. Hoping for consideration :)

Awesome, this works properly again. Thanks!  ;D

So, i store and use clrmamepro from a network path. example, \\\Tools\clrmamepro\

I've done this forever, and just updated to latest 4.040 and now it has this issue of the program creating the entire path and directory structure of itself under the folder. Basically causing issues for backups/downloads not to work, giving illegal path error messages when opening a profile, also backups don't work and just fail.

The behavior i'm seeing is either loading the .exe or loading a profile, it will create the entire structure of folders under itself as if the "ip" is a folder name...
example \\\Tools\clrmamepro\\Tools\clrmamepro\backups All the folders that is under it. They are all empty as well, but it shouldn't be creating the "ip" folder and entire structure of folders. I've tried creating a brand new folder, placing in the unzipped 4.040 and it still happens so whatever issue it is, is a part of the program. As you can see, it is recreating the entire path to it as folders under itself.

Hoping its a easy fix, and i can go back to using clrmamepro from a network path again on latest version.

the cmpro.ini looks correct, as it always has been setup this way, but the program will create blank folders under its root on the path of the entire structure.

Settings_BackupFolder = \\\Tools\clrmamepro\backup\
Settings_DownloadFolder = \\\Tools\clrmamepro\downloads\

I was able to test 4.038a and it does not have this issue. I tried 4.039a and the problem showed up, so whatever the bug is, it started with 4.039a and is also in 4.040. Besides the official release, i also tried the latest nightly build, still has this bug.

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