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So after a bit of a break, I am back at it again trying to organize all my games by making sure they are up to date with No-Intro and Redump and remove duplicates.  I'm working on my PS2 games now and rebuilding them into a new folder and everything seemed to be working fine.  Then all of a sudden I keep getting this "Error While Adding" error (see attached picture)  All game before it worked fine so I thought maybe it was an issue with that particular game, but everyone I try I get the same error.  I thought maybe it had something to do with the games being 7zipped so I unzipped the remaining games and tried rebuilding again but I am getting the same error.  How would I find out what is causing this?  Like is there a more detailed error log somewhere I can view to see what exactly is going on?  Thank you.

Sorry for my month later reply.  I tend to have moments where I'm really into this stuff and then fall out for a while while I am really into something else.  So I'm back into it again and was going over everything again and I realized I made a mistake when I said my games were torrentzipped.  They were actually torrent7zipped.  So when you started talking about solid archives that all makes sense now.  And if I was reading everything else correctly, were you saying that torrentzip doesn't have this issue?  Or is torrentzip also a solid archive and clrmamepro will not work right unless commandline parameters are changed?  As I said, I really don't care if they are torrentzipped or torrent7zipped anymore but just find this stuff interesting. 

My apologies if again I wasnt clear in getting my point across.  I was saying that some of my games I have are torrentzipped but that I do not care about that going forward.  I do not intend to torrentzip them at all going forward.  But because they are torrentzipped, when I run my scan on them they are finding issues with my games like wrong name, wrong case, and unneeded files, but clrmamepro is unable to change the names or remove the files from inside the zip files.  I don't remember the reason why but I remember reading somewhere long ago that the reason why it can't make those changes to those zips is because they were torrentzipped. 

So anyway, I run the scan, it finds issues but cannot fix them, and leaves those files in my rom directory untouched.  I was wondering if there was a way that I could automatically have those unfixable roms pulled out so that i could rebuild them back in later.  I couldn't figure it out so what I did was just manually pulled out the bad roms myself since there really weren't that many.  Then I unzipped those games and rebuilt them into my rom directory using the .zip compression option. 

I'm not sure if there was an easier way for me to accomplish what I was trying to do from within clrmamepro but I got it figured out manually and everything matches now.  Thanks again for you help.

I think you misunderstood what I was saying.  I was saying that my original setup is for example is:

E:\Roms\Nintendo - Wii\Animal Crossing.iso
E:\Roms\Nintendo - Wii\Mario Kart Wii.iso

And in that structure clrmamepro did not find any games that matched the datfile.  And after reading what you wrote I understood that if left unzipped they should be in their own individual folder like:

E:\Roms\Nintendo - Wii\Animal Crossing\Animal Crossing.iso
E:\Roms\Nintendo - Wii\Mario Kart Wii\Mario Kart Wii.iso

And I was asking if the easiest way for me to get all those .iso files into their own folder is by using Rebuild and leaving the zip option unchecked.  I did just that and rebuilt my games into a new directory and all games are now in their individual folders so I think I did everything correctly.  Please correct me if I'm wrong and I still am not understanding you and if there was a better way that I should have accomplished this.  Thank you.

I'm trying to use clrmamepro on an old Redump set of PS2 ROMs I found on an old USB harddrive using the latest PS2 Redump datfile.  Obviously it is finding issues that it needs to correct but I don't think it can because I believe the ROMs are torrentzipped.  And from what I remember from using this program in the past is that clrmamepro does not like torrentzipped or torrent7zipped roms.  So rather than me rebuilding the whole set, is there a way that I can just move out the ROMs that 100% match into another folder and then I can just do a rebuild on whatever ROMs are left over.  I hope I am explaining myself correctly and you understand what I am trying to do.  If not let me know and I'll try to send some pictures if needed. Thank you.

So in my case I have a Roms Folder.  In that folder I have a folder named "Nintendo - Wii".  And in that folder I have individual .iso files for each game I have.  So based on what you just told me, I'm assuming what I need to do is use the rebuild function with the zip option unchecked on my "Nintendo -Wii" folder and clrmamepro will move all my Wii games into their own properly named folder.  Sound about right?

Topic says it all.  Basically I have some full uncompressed ISO files of Nintendo Wii games that I wanted to compare to the Redump Wii datfile.  I know that zipping them doesnt save much space at all and compressing them to wbfs format makes them not match redump so I just decided to leave them as ISOs.  But when I scanned my Wii roms folder it said nothing matched.  Do my roms have to be zipped in order for scanning to work or is there some setting I need to change to allow it to work?

That's what I did wrong.  For the complete set i used the main NES No-Intro datfile and rebuilt that into 7-zip.  The parent/clone datfile i used to rebuild that complete set onto USB drive and never changed the rebuild options.  I know what I need to do now.  Thanks again for the help.

Off-topic: Do you have your own discord server for talking about clrmamepro ot are their any chats you normally hang out in?  Or do you prefer keeping all communications in the forums?

Now I understand what it is saying.  I didn't notice the same roms with the different file extensions.  My set is in. 7z but the missing roms I found were in .zip.  I thought that I could just drag the .zip file into the scan results window and it would rebuild them into the set as .7z.  I guess I should have used the rebuilder tab instead.  So I guess I can just find the 3 zip files and delete them and everything should be fine, right? Or is it not quite that simple?

I was missing some roms from my NES collection so I started adding them by dragging and dropping the missing rom files onto the "Scan Results" window to be rebuilt into my set.  Well I guess I accidently dragged and dropped the wrong file that wasn't actually missing onto that window and I got this message in the "Scan Results" window:

Set exists in various rompaths: D:\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System\Sunday Funday - The Ride (USA) (Unl).7z; D:\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System\Sunday Funday - The Ride (USA) (Unl).zip
Set exists in various rompaths: D:\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System\Menace Beach (USA) (Unl).7z; D:\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System\Menace Beach (USA) (Unl).zip
Set exists in various rompaths: D:\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System\Free Fall (USA) (Proto).7z; D:\No-Intro\Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System\Free Fall (USA) (Proto).zip

So I'm guess that that one rom file I tried to add somehow matched all 3 of those roms listed above?  I'm not really sure.  All I know is that now I can't make that message go away.  I am now not missing any roms, but every time I do a scan I still get that message listed above.  I even tried doing a new scan and checked fix for everything hoping that it would correct whatever was wrong but the message still shows up.  What exactly does that message mean and how do I fix it?  I'm thinking rebuilding from that folder into a new folder would do the trick but I really don't want to have to do that.  Thank you.

Thanks for your reply.  I think I found something that will help me out.  It's called redump splitter and can be found here (http://romshepherd.com/index.php/topic,4990.0.html).  Basically it takes the current PSX Redump datfile and I can choose English Language and it will create a new datfile for me.  Then I can load that datfile into clrmamepro which theoretically should now only find the games that have English language in them.  Here's where I need your help again.  With this new filtered datfile, I would like to scan my currently directory of all my PSX games and move from that folder all the English language games I to a new folder.  I am thinking I want to use the rebuild option for this.  However, I dont want to compress the roms and I want each game in it's own folder.  So what I am thinking is that I need to uncheck Compress files, uncheck Recompress Files, and check Remove Matched Sourcefiles.  If my way of thinking is correct, it will move all the PSX games that have English language  into the new folder I selected, uncompressed with each game in it's own folder, and delete the games that it matches from the original location.  Does that sound correct?  I'm going to wait for your reply because I dont want to waste time doing something that doesn't work the way I want it to.  Thanks again for your help.

I'm trying to trim down my PS1 and PS2 games using the datfiles over at redump.org.  Their datfiles list every game from every region.  I was wondering if their was a way I could use their datfiles but possibly change some settings in clrmamepro to allow me to filter out only the games that have English language in them and also filter out any duplicates.  Thank you.

Thank you.  I will give that a try.

I get all that.  Thank you for explaining it anyway.  What I am looking for is a way to take that tree output and be able to save it to a list.  This way I know what zips are missing .bin files so I know which games I need to search for to make complete.  Is that possible?

I'm using clrmamepro on my Playstation 1 set using the latest datfile from Redump.org.  Over the years I've had multiple hard drives filled with multiple variations of these games (mostly USA) and in no real order.  So I pointed clrmamepro to an empty folder as my rom directory and the 5 different folders on my different hard drives in the add paths.  I also downloaded the cue files from redump and pointed clrmamepro to that as well and proceeded to rebuild my set to the empty folder.  What I didn't realize was that most of the USA games also matched the games from other regions so my collection took up a lot more space.  No big deal on that.  But also, since I pointed it to the cue files that I downloaded from Redump it created a zip file for all 9,000 plus games.  Again, not a big deal.  So now that it finished rebuilding, I ran a scan on it and obviously it showed a lot of errors since I was missing .bin files for a lot of the games.  When it was done I wanted to see what I was missing so I clicked the button to give me a miss.txt list and it said I was missing 0 roms.  I'm assuming its saying that because technically I do have a zip file that's named after every game in the datfile so its saying I am missing none.  However, I would like to be able to save a text file with a list of games that are missing files in their zip files so I can start hunting down those files and making my set complete.  I know I can leave the window open that lists all the errors and go through it that way but I'd rather just save it to a text file so I can reference it later and not have to leave clrmamepro open just to see what's not complete.

So to summarize, clrmamepro is saying I have no missing roms even though a lot of them have errors.  How can I have it list the games that have errors into a list much like the miss.txt list does if I am missing any roms.  Thank you.

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