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clrmame Discussion / Rebuilder/Scanner renaming pattern
« on: 30 October 2017, 23:17 »
Hello everyone.

I have the following doubt:

I have the DAT below:

game (
   name "ps-10j"
   description "SCPH-1000/DTL-H1000 (Version 1.0 J)"
   rom ( name ps-10j.bin size 524288 crc 3b601fc8 md5 239665b1a3dade1b5a52c06338011044 sha1 343883a7b555646da8cee54aadd2795b6e7dd070 )

Using the clrmamepro, it creates the files according to the DAT following the pattern:

name_of_set.zip\name_of_rom = ps-10j.zip\ps-10j.bin

I would like to know if it is possible, using clrmamepro or another program, to use the following pattern:

description.zip\name_of_rom = SCPH-1000/DTL-H1000 (Version 1.0 J).zip\ps-10j.bin

Thank you.

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