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clrmame Discussion / Re: Newbie Help:
« on: 04 September 2017, 18:42 »
1)Profiler, create new profile based on latest mame binary. load the profile, answer all prompts with ok to all, yes to all.
2)Settings, add a new rompath...which in your case should be an empty folder.
3) rebuilder, set the just added rompath as destination. depending on the used archive type you can disable recompression.
Now Dragn drop the folder(s) with your advmame roms into the rebuilder.
anything valid will be recreated in the destination, your new rompath.
4) after that, you can use the scanner to see what is still missing.
find the missing files and simply dragn drop them in the scanner which acts like using the rebuilder to add files...repeat this until you're done.

thats one way, another one could be:.if advmame and mame are rather identical you might be able to set the path where your advmame roms are stored as rompath and simply use the scanner to fix the problems...so basically 1), 2), 4)

Thank you very much. Mind me asking you another question? Some ROMs plays normally in advance mame. However, newer version like MAMEUI 0.186 says that some files are missing. For example, Tower of Doom requires one missing file called ddtod.key. Strangely enough, in previous version, this was not required and the game could be played without it. Why does this happens? Can it be fixed or do I have to re-download the ROM? (To be honest, none of the ROMs I downloaded ddtod.zip had this file inside - does it means it can't be played on newer versions?)

Thank you again.


clrmame Discussion / Newbie Help:
« on: 04 September 2017, 17:36 »
Hello everybody. I'm just joined the forum after exhausting all other ways to figure how CLRMAMEPRO works. I've tried the documentation, youtube, other people's posts but I can't seem to figure out to make my rom set from Advance Mame to the newest MAME. I don't understand how the application works but I heard we can use it to change the room to the formats that the many MAME available accepts, correct?
Can someone point me to the right guide to make roms from advance mame be usable in the newest mame? I know I had to start using profile, then scan then rebuild but the options I use don't work and the roms generated are the same as before.
I spent this entire holiday trying to figuring this out without any result, reason I decided to ask for help in this forum.
Anyone willing to help me here?

Thanks in advance.


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