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clrmame Discussion / Re: Question/Feature request
« on: 06 April 2017, 00:15 »
If you run a scan and find a rom that needs fixing, how do you go about it?

Wrong or not, dragging/dropping a zip of fix files into the scanner window is a perfectly logical way of fixing a romset (In my mind). I don't understand why it can't just fix the rom where its currently located and not be tied to a set path unless you're explicitly using the rebuilder option when you first execute the program.

Not trying to be a pain. I just want to understand, thats all.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Question/Feature request
« on: 04 April 2017, 15:40 »
I was talking about softlist roms. I keep those organized by system (megadrive, NES, etc) within the console folder.

When I fix a rom, I first run a scan. If a zip is missing files to complete the rom, I'll obtain the missing files, usually contained as a zip itself and drag it to the scanner window. clr then proceeds to fix the set. My problem is that its dumping the fixed set in the root of the roms directory (where the rebulder path happens to be set to) vs just fixing the rom in the directory that it currently resides in. So the result is a fixed rom in one directory with the original rom still where it was before the scan. If I Run another scan, clr complains that the particular romset now exists in multiple directories.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Question/Feature request
« on: 04 April 2017, 13:10 »
Roman before I respond, may I ask how you personally have your roms organized in MAME? It's kinda funny you say my setup is uncommon, because when I had only arcade, non-softlist roms, I used to dump all the zips in the ROMs Dir you told me my setup wasn't standard then, either.

I'm very curious to know just what the hell is the accepted organization of roms?

clrmame Discussion / Question/Feature request
« on: 04 April 2017, 01:27 »
My mame roms folder is structured like this. I have three subfolders in the roms directory....

       Console - Console roms
       Arcade - Arcade Roms
       BIOS-Devices - BiIOS and Devices

I have added the directories into ClrMAME and I'm able to perform a successful scan. My issue lies with fixing roms. The Rebuilder option only allows for one set directory. The problem I have is that when I drag a zipfile containing roms needed to fix whatever set is broken, it rebuilds the rom into the directory I've set in the Rebuilder options, while leaving the broken set in its original location. This will lead to same roms in different directory errors during a scan.

Would you please add an option to rebuild rom in its originating directory option for drag n drop fix operations?

Why don't I just change the default folder for the rebuilder? That would be fine, assuming I'm only fixing one category of rom. I might have a broken roms under BIOS-Devices and the Arcade directory simultaneously.


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