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Please check if you're following the official way to store sets.

rompath\setname\file 1 ... file n for decompressed sets
rompath\setname.zip (or .rar/.7z) for compressed sets.

"The rompath folder contains 559 *.sms file"  - You see, that's a wrong way. either you compress them one by one or you create subfolders for each set.

Thanks for answering. But does it matter what their names are? The whole point I wanted to use the software was that it would rename a bunch of random names to the correct names. For example if I have the ROM that NoIntro calls "[BIOS] Sega Master System (USA) (M404) (Proto).sms", but my file is named "weowfowpwf.sms", how would I place the ROM for ClrMamePro to work? Do I basically have to know which ROM it is, and make a set folder called "[BIOS] Sega Master System (USA) (M404) (Proto)" and place "weowfowpwf.sms" inside of it? Because that kind of defeats the whole purpose I was going to use the program for.
Or am I misunderstanding?

When I save the "Missing" list and view it, a bunch of the listed ROMs are in that folder of my rompath. Most of them even have the correct name already, as if the romset was generated using the NoIntro SMS dat files. So why does ClrMamePro still insist the rompath contain no valid ROMs?


I'm trying to set up ClrMamePro so sort out some Sega Master System NoIntro ROM sets. I used this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/RetroPie/comments/5njtvs/guide_how_to_trim_your_romset_of_duplicate_roms/
I have added a rompath inside the ClrMamePro settings. The rompath folder contains 559 *.sms files.
Yet, when I hit Scan or New scan, ClrMamePro returns the following error message:

"The following not empty rompath don't contain any valid set:

Either you selected the wrong paths or all sets have wrong names.
Recheck your settings or enable at least 'set' + 'name' check.

Do you want to go on with the scan?"

If I choose to go on with the scan, it says I have 0 ROMs.
What am I doing wrong?

i'm trying to rebuild a group of TOSEC rom files. I have set a destination dir, but instead of putting the ROM files in there, Clrmamepro is creating subdirs for each ROM file... What do I need to do so that all the ROMs are just placed in the destination dir and not in seperate dirs for each ROM??

clrmame Discussion / "Fix Wrong CHD Place" problem
« on: 24 October 2015, 07:49 »
I am using the scanner and I have checked all the 'Fix' boxes before starting the scan. clrmamepro finds a few "Fix Wrong CHD Place" errors related to a Beatmania game, and asks if I want it to move the CHD files to the correct locations. Even if I select "OK", clrmamepro will still run into the same problems during next scan. Here is an example of one of them:
"Fix Wrong CHD Place"
Set:   beatmania IIDX (863 JAA)
Name:   bmiidxa
File:   F:\mame0166b_64bit\roms\bmiidxa\863hdda01.chd
Wrong Place:   F:\mame0166b_64bit\roms\bmiidxa\863hdda01.chd
Right Place:   F:\mame0166b_64bit\roms\bmiidx\863hdda01.chd
Do you want to move the CHD?

What should I do to fix this? Should I move the files manually?

clrmame Discussion / Re: Questions from a newbie...
« on: 20 October 2015, 15:30 »
Thanks for the answers!
I'm going to try to understand this... Since simply running the rebuilder won't necessarily result in newly created archives (in the case where an archive in the source folder is already an intact split set - right?) what would then be the easiest way of accomplishing what I'm trying to do? Run the rebuilder and choose a different compression format than zip (so it would be forced to create new archives into the other format), let it finish, then run it again back to ZIP? Hope I got this right and didn't misunderstand.

Two more questions, regarding the way the rebuilder works... You say it does not recognize filenames, only checksums... In the event of someone going into an archive and renaming all files within to...anything, say "file 1.mp3", "file 2.txt", "file 3.avi", the rebuilder will still recognize the files and rename them into the accurate file names for the destination archive/folder?
And...when it compares the checksums and finds a matching file, it won't actually create any archives in the destination folder unless it find a complete set, right? Just so I won't end up with a bunch of of incomplete sets.
Sorry if these questions are dumb, but I really need to know.

clrmame Discussion / Questions from a newbie...
« on: 20 October 2015, 09:02 »
I'm new to the forum and I'm trying to understand how to use the clrmamepro... I have a few questions.
1. What should I do, if I have a ROM folder containing both merged, unmerged and split sets, and I want clrmamepro to go over all of these roms, take the neccessary files and create brand new split sets (only split sets)? Is the rebuilder the feature I should use in this case?
2. Would the rebuilder make brand new ZIP files for all ROMS, including the ZIP files which already are split sets in the source folder, or would it only rebuild the ones which aren't?
3. If the ZIP files in the source directory are of different compression levels, would the rebuilder use the same compression level for all the new ZIP files? I would like to use the same compression level for consistency.
4. What about if I want to go thru the same procedure as in question #1, but with ZIP files containing Samples? Would the rebuilder also rebuild new ZIP files for the Samples? If not, how would I go about doing it for the sample files?
5. Lastly, CHD files... Doing what is in question #1 for CHD files, how would I go about?

Also, when I first set clrmamepro up, I did not specify any DAT files, I let it create one using the latest version of MAME's exe file. Will this work for CHD files as well, or do I HAVE to use DAT files for CHD?
And are there any particular pro/cons of letting mameclrpro create a DAT using MAME's exe?

Sorry for all the questions... Thank you for reading and hoping for some answers. :-)

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