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clrmame Discussion / Re: Possible BUG in Ignore Filesize
« on: 22 January 2014, 10:23 »
ah...the problem is not the "ignore file size option" it's more related how the datfile is initially parsed.
A set romsize = 0 sets the rom to "no dump" status (which also cleans up the actual crc32) and so the file won't be checked by the rebuilder at all...

It will work if you remove the <romSize>0</romSize> from the datfile...which is more a "romsize unknown" (while = 0 -> nodump)

ok, thanks for clearing this. hope they fix the dat file soon!


clrmame Discussion / Re: Possible BUG in Ignore Filesize
« on: 21 January 2014, 07:01 »
can you send me the dat and a file which does not seem to work?

i have added an attachment in the first post.


clrmame Discussion / Possible BUG in Ignore Filesize
« on: 20 January 2014, 19:45 »

i use the latest version 4.012a and i have some problems witch the option "ignore filesize" in the rebuilder. allways no matching hash found, if the dat says "<romSize> 0 </ ROMSize>".  seems thats the option doesnt like "0", any other value works fine. please check this.


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