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Title: Arcade game magazine Gamest N.01
Post by: mametoc on 23 August 2021, 19:33
In only the number one from this magazine i've noticed some additions to clearly undumped games, others i can't identify, it seems a few numbers are available at archive.org, my skills in japanese are zero so i don't progress any more watching all numbers (only useful to people whit full knowledge of japanese), but the following things caught my atention in this first number (note that i comment images or articles whit incognite english titles, not articles whit/out cartoons and i don't comment some unclear cabinets and or screenshots so i'ts not an exhaustive research):

-Page 19: "Astro Flush" ¿?. Unidentified cocktail cabinet game and two secreens of a scrolling ship shooter game.

-Page 21: "Lone Wolf", is the [Lone Wolf (1986, unconfirmed)] by Taito already in undumped miraze?, looks like a first person flying shooter.

-Page 23: Universal's "Top Gear", generic cabinet or an F1 racing game?.