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Title: Newbie needs help (be nice)
Post by: johnsemple on 14 July 2011, 11:26
Hi folks. How are we all doing? I am hoping somebody can give me some guidance on how to use clrmamepro properly to update my roms? I have MAME version 0.140 complete (as far as I know) without icons and artwork and samples I think but I do have the roms and CHD'S) I have always struggled to figure out how to update my collecton properly because the tutorials on the website are a bit sketchy to say the least.
Title: Re: Newbie needs help (be nice)
Post by: oxyandy on 15 July 2011, 13:34

This guide has been updated a bit, cause CMP has since been updated..
So ignore any 'advanced' settings which show in pics..
Excuse some of the text doesn't exactly match the pics.
The text should still help a newbie get a good idea how to get started.

John, this should help you out.

If you wish to update your older or incomplete ROM set to the latest
You will need the following tools:

Get the MAME ROMs DAT from Rom Manager DAT files (http://www.emulab.it/rommanager/)
Get ClrMamePro from ClrMamePro Home Page (http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/)
Get TorrentZip from here (http://sourceforge.net/projects/trrntzip/files/trrntzip/TorrentZip%20v0.2/trrntzip_v02_win.zip/download)

Open CMP and load the dat as above.
Double click the ""MAME 0.143 FULL ROM Set" and our dat file will be loaded ready.
Now click the "Settings" Button, You will see the window below
1. Click "Add" and browse to your folder with your partial or older rom set
After doing so you should see the path in the window as in 4

Now click the "Scanner" Button
You will see a window as below
1. Click the little + (Plus symbol)
You should now have a row of green ticks as pictured above. all fix options enabled.
2. Untick "Ask Before Fixing", you wont be prompted to do anything.
3. Click "New Scan", and let it run, do not stop the process.
It will scan for un-needed roms first and remove them to the CMP back-up folder.
After that it will rename zips, rename roms, add missing, etc etc
...in preparation for rebuilding.
Once complete, the statistics window will open, just click 'OK'.
You can now swap the little check box (as pictured above 4)
and the "Rebuilder" window will open.
1. "Removed Matched Sourcefiles", if you have this ticked any roms / zips which contain files which match the DAT file will be deleted, once added to the ROM folder, from the Source folder set in 3.

3. First I suggest, checking the backup folder of CMP's program folder for any possible missing roms.
There may be none.
If you don't have any other folders with possible matching roms then you are ready to TorrentZip now.
Otherwise, if you have any other folders which have possible matching roms, then you can use the "Rebuilder" to scan those folders too.
Beware of "Remove Matched Soucefiles" (1.) if you don't want the files deleted from the 'Source' folder.
4. "Rebuild" button, that starts the process.
5. "Recompress Files" leave this unticked. we will be TorrentZipping later, so unticked is faster.
Now you have removed excess files, renamed and added any available possible ROMs
it is time to TorrentZip

Using TorrentZip.
Torrentzip can be used several ways.
Way 1.
Open an Explorer window which shows your rom folder, drag the folder with your roms and drop onto trrntzip.exe
I have never used this method above, I use Way 2
Way 2.
Right Click trrntzip.exe, then create a shortcut, 'cut' that created shortcut and 'paste' into windows "Send To" folder.
I use XP. so I have pictured an example "Send To" folder below.
Now you can Right Click your ROMs folder and select 'Send To', Torrent Zip
if done correctly you will now have the option.
Now you still need to find and join a ROM set torrent.
Point the torrents download folder to your ROMs folder you just cleaned up and let it hash check.
You should have a good % already complete.

Now with the CHDs,
Similar to above, but much faster,

And now you have CMP already set up,
Load the MAME DAT, set the folder the CHDs are in,
then use the Scanner in CMP with fix options ticked.
Allowing it to do what it needs.

Get the FULL CHD torrent,
point the torrent's download folder to your current
CHD folder and let it hash check.
Again, you should have a good % already complete.

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Title: Re: Newbie needs help (be nice)
Post by: hornswoggle on 22 August 2011, 19:47
Great guide, thanks!