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Title: Mamechannel main site
Post by: GameGirl3 on 22 October 2010, 03:08
Hello there, what's been going on with Mamechannel's main site? It hasn't been updated in over a month now. Could someone please tell me what's happened over there. Ciao là, che cosa sta accendendo con il luogo principale di Mamechannel? Non è stato aggiornato dentro durante un mese ora. Potrebbe qualcuno soddisfare mi dice che cosa è accaduto là.
Title: Re: Mamechannel main site
Post by: Ricky74 on 24 October 2010, 21:47
0.140 - Back to virtuality. Forgot the sex, enjoy MAME now!!!
Title: Update Mamechannel's Main Site
Post by: GameGirl3 on 16 March 2011, 03:19
Oh brother, unless you guys have quit on Mame, please keep the main site of Mamechannel updated so everyone who doesn't have a Mamechannel membership can see what's new. Please, I beg of you.