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Title: cmpro
Post by: scuore on 09 October 2006, 23:40

Roman aggiorna alla 3.93 ?:toc: :mdr:
Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: Ricky74 on 09 October 2006, 23:42

added: html report generator for currently selected profiles
added: fixdat save option to save fixdat for currently selected set

fixed: rebuilder didn't delete subfolders in cmpro's temp folder
fixed: setinfo.xml falsely converted "\" to "`"
fixed: some profiler menus were accessable when they should be disabled
fixed: folder html report falsely exports the last used folder in <all profiles> mode
fixed: misplaced remove button in settings

misc: reorganized profiler's html reports menus
misc: reorganized scanner's fix dat menus
misc: minor order changes in scanner's view menu
misc: setformat.xml can use variables %U/%u for selected urls.ini URL/URLExtension values
      also added information about all possible vars to setformat.xml
misc: selected treeitem in set information moves to top when necessary
misc: improved xml parser's comment handling
misc: increased the size of set information button ;)
misc: check for update is not only done on startup but while running, too

Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: scuore on 18 October 2006, 23:59
Aggiornato alla 3.94

clrmamepro 3.94

added: 7z and RAR support (preliminary)

Currently only for rebuilder source files (no remove-rebuilt-source).
Standard and solid LZMA 7z archives are supported but not split archives.
Standard and solid RAR archives are supported but not split archives.

Before you ask:

No, currently I don't plan to add any compress-related support.

Be warned:

Rebuilding (solid) RAR and 7z archives with lots of included files is
currently very slow. Since the Rebuilder is a file based operator, files
are accessed randomly and such a random access takes long (because to
work on the file, possible previously stored files in the archive have
to be taken into account, too).

Guess you now see the advantages of the ZIP format. I may think about a
way of optimizing this, but don't count on it.
added: profiler 'reset profile' which resets the profile to 'new/not loaded' state
misc: replaced some batchrun checkboxes with radiobuttons
fixed: single-dat batchrun sometimes still used a previous multi-select
fixed: dir2dat cancel button reacts sluggish
fixed: rebuilder's additional check md5/sha1 failed on zip subfolders
fixed: rebuilder's logfile used internal subfolder syntax instead of "\"

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Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: Ricky74 on 19 October 2006, 00:07
:0384: Supporto a 7z? e RAR nel Rebuilder !!!? :0385:

Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: walter68 on 19 October 2006, 11:18
Speriamo che prima o poi pure lo scanner "digerisca" quei benedetti squash e thoop nel rollback :)
Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: scuore on 13 November 2006, 22:40
Aggiornamento alla 3.95b


clrmamepro 3.95b (13-Nov-2006)

added: separated disk 'merge tag' handling from rom merge tag handling in profiler options window. The default value is 'enabled', so you don't have to double the konami80 chd anymore (and the upcoming DDR ones).
added: create folder button for small profiler folder selection window
added: 7z/rar support for About's drag'n drop feature
added: 7z/rar support for About's Search CRC32 in Folder feature
misc: garbage collection file list only appears when files were found
fixed: not fixed wrong named disks falsely reappear as unneeded disks
fixed: fix wrong size fails for write protected files / archived files
fixed: batchrun fails for multiple exe based profiles

Da ora in poi,? :skerzo: il chd konam80j non serve piĆ¹ !? ?:0099:
Basta tenere la spunta su : Options/Parsing Options/ Parse DISK 'merge' tags? ;-)
Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: Ricky74 on 13 November 2006, 22:48
Basta tenere la spunta su : Options/Parsing Options/ Parse DISK 'merge' tags 

Aggiungerei opzione attiva di default, quindi manco lo sbattimento a cercarla per i piu' pigri
Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: scuore on 08 January 2007, 21:23

Aggiornamento :

clrmamepro 3.97b (08-Jan-2007)

misc: setinfo select tree doesn't expand it automatically anymore
misc: adjusted the www profiler version algorithm a little bit
misc: moved window title information about loaded profile, set count to tooltips (when hovering over the title bar)
misc: full archive is also removed by rebuilder-remove-rebuilt-source when it only contains folder entries
misc: installer uses lzma and remembers an old install dir correctly
misc: several text changes (mainly diskimage to CHD, zip to compress(or))
misc: compiled with MS VS 2005 SP1
fixed: "clone got chds while parent doesn't" "Set-ZipFile AND Set-Folder exist" issue
fixed: cancel button doesn't work when being hit while refreshing www profiler


clrmamepro 3.97c (09-Jan-2007)

fixed: one typo and another issue with the chd relationships

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Title: Re: cmpro
Post by: Ricky74 on 25 January 2007, 22:51
cmp 3.99

added: added support for nodump chds
added: pack option for wwwprofile xml creator
misc: major cleanup for generic packer routines
      (e.g. scanner is able to scan 7z and rar now)
misc: scanner nodump handling works now for roms/chds & unpacked sets
misc: several other internal cleanups and fixes