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Author Topic: MESS 0.138 out!!!  (Read 4939 times)


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MESS 0.138 out!!!
« on: 23 May 2010, 12:14 »



New System Drivers Supported:
- Aamber Pegasus (thanks to Lord Philip)[Robbbert]
- TI-89 Titanium [Sandro Ronco]
- Voyage 200 PLT [Sandro Ronco]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
- TI-89, TI-92, TI-92+ [Sandro Ronco]

Skeleton drivers:
- Acorn FileStore E01/E01S [Curt Coder]
- Alesis HR-16,HR-16B and SR-16 drum machines
- Central Data 2650
- Chaos 2
- Chromatics CGC 7900
- Dolphin
- Dream Multimedia Dreambox 7000/5620/500
- EC-1849 (thanks to Anasana)
- Elektor TV Games Computer
- Elektronika MC7105 (Thanks to Kaldyh)
- MC-1702 (thanks to Anasana)
- PK8002 Elf
- Scientific Atlanta PowerVu pv9234 STB
- Signetics Instructor 50
- VideoBrain Family Computer [Curt Coder]
- Z80 development board (unknown)

System Driver Changes:

- [AMSTRAD] Updated .hsi file with hashes to GoodCPC V3.1415 [Cowering]

- [APPLE2] Expansion cards now have full capabilities including C800
  arbitration (not yet on IIgs) [R. Belmont]

- [AQUARIUS] Replaced bad char ROM with the newly redumped one.
  [jaybird3rd, Dirk Best]

- [ATOM] Fixed disk loading. [Curt Coder]

- [ChannelF] Added .hsi file with hashes from GoodChaF V3.1415 [Cowering]

- [ChannelF] Added support for CHF extension. [Robbbert]

- [CBM] Added JiffyDOS BIOSes to VIC-20, C64, C128, Plus/4. [Curt Coder]

- [FAMICOM] Fixed .fds format problems: headerless disks are now recognized, but
  the system still has problems when loading data. [Fabio Priuli]

- [FMTOWNS] Various improvements: [Barry Rodewald]
  * Added mouse support for joystick port 2, made it the port 2 default
  * Added CRTC HSync Adjust, fixing offset backgrounds and scrolling in some games
  * Added HSync output to sub-status register and fixed memory maps: this fixes
    lockups in Gunship and Tatsujin Oh, and makes a few more games start to run
  * Greatly simplified first track hack. Fixes sound issues with SSF2 and
    fixes High-C.
  * Improved address offsets for 256-colour layers, Flashback is now playable.

- [GBA] improvements to EEPROM & FLASH1M support (now Advance Wars 1 & 2 and
  Super Mario Advance 4 boot). [Fabio Priuli, Angelo Salese]

- [Interact] Added support for CIN extension. [Robbbert]

- [JAGUAR] Fixed crash on exit when no image is mounted [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- [JAGUAR] Some improvements to the video emulation (timing for the blitter
  status, RGB VARMOD mode, UART status, etc.). [Angelo Salese]

- [JAGUAR] Sorted out file extensions support for homebrew software: .abs, .bin,
  .cof, .jag and .prg programs now load fine in the quickload device. Also,
  improved loading routines for cart dumps in .j64 and .rom formats in the
  cartslot device) [Robbbert]

- [M20] Some very preliminary work on the CPU and the video controller [Angelo

- [MBEE] Fixed crash of mbeeic when displaying I/O in debugger. [Robbbert]

- [MBEE] Fixed keyboard in Asteroids Plus, Scavenger Hunt and Edasm. [Robbbert]

- [MO5] Added .hsi file with hashes from GoodMO5 V3.1415 [Cowering]

- [MTX512] Updated .hsi file with hashes to GoodMTX V3.1415 [Cowering]

- [MTX] Cleaned up driver and added cassette device. [Curt Coder]

- [MZ2500] Implemented basic video and irq system [Angelo Salese]

- [N64] Almost completely re-wrote the RDP implementation to be class-based.
  Import from MAME. [Harmony]

- [PEGASUS] Fixed natural keyboard mappings. [Justin Kerk]

- [PICO] Updated .hsi file with hashes to GoodPico V3.1415 [Cowering]

- [SAMCOUPE] Added border rendering support.  [Dirk Best]

- [SAMCOUPE] Rewrote video rendering to render partial scanlines.  [Dirk Best]

- [SCV] Added support for on-cart RAM and banking.  [Wilbert Pol]

- [SCV] Updated palette values to match the output from a real console. [plgDavid]

- [SNES] SNES video wip, part 3: [Fabio Priuli]
  * reworked OAM drawing routines
  * implemented correct range over and time over flags (sprite limits)
  * implemented FirstSprite priority
  * improved sprite overlap
  * fixed sprite blend exception
  * implemented pseudo hi-res graphics.

- [SNES] Fixed a few G65816 CPU core (as a result Iso Zuri Ritou Hen, Shaq Fu
  and Kishin Douji Zenki 3 work). [Angelo Salese]

- [SNES] Improved DMA/HDMA handling to match Anomie's and byuu's discoveries.
  [Fabio Priuli]

- [SNES]: Fixed a bug with un-inited DMA regs, fixes at least a long-standing
  bug with Super Soccer dimmed team selection screen. [Angelo Salese]

- [SNES] Implemented preliminary CPU cycle stealing: most games boot now (even
  if a few graphical regressions have been introduced, but these require more
  CPU changes to be properly fixed). [Angelo Salese]

- [SNES] Fixed rom mapping: now Tokimeki Memorial and Wizardry Gaiden work fine.
  [Fabio Priuli]

- [SNES] Added preliminary support for Sufami Turbo (2 slots): you can use
  the 'snesst' driver which emulates a SNES with Sufami Turbo cart inserted,
  and use -cart1 and -cart2 slots to mount the ST carts. Notice that some
  games and some linking functionalities are not working yet. [Fabio Priuli]

- [SUPERGB] Added cart SRAM saving (bug #1949).  [Fabio Priuli]

- [SX64] Added 1541 FLASH! BIOS. [Guru, Curt Coder]

- [TANDY2K] Implemented DMA mux register. [Curt Coder]

- [TI81] Added v1.1K BIOS. [critor]

- [TI99] Cleanups.  [Michael Zapf]

- [TI99] Reimplementation of HDC9234 chip (smc92x4) for the HFDC controller.
  Now supports all functions according to specifications (except tape functions),
  including formatting and real timings. Introduced DIP switches for configuring
  the attached drives. Implemented MFM hard disk (ti99_hd) device, wrapping the
  plain hard disk image. This also resolves segfualt when formatting floppy disk
  with HFDC (bug #1257).  [Michael Zapf]

- [TI99] Replaced DIP switches by Configuration switches.  [Michael Zapf]

- [TI99] Updated to use TMC0285 voice synthesis processor instead of TMS5220. 
  [Michael Zapf]

- [VBOY] Added .hsi file with hashes from GoodVBoy V3.1415 [Cowering]

- [VIC20] Fixed quick-loading from the commandline (bug #1935). [Robbbert]

- [VICTOR9K] Connected MC6852 device. [Curt Coder]

Imgtool Changes:

- Sector View in Windows version is working again [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Fixed adding of files to FAT filesystem (filenames still show garbage in
  WinImage show) [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Fixed insertion of files inside of folders with Windows version [Oliver

- Increased default width of Sector View in Windows version to 16 rows (bug #1124)
  [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Fixed reading of command-line parameter in Windows version (bug #1908 / bug #1950
  - needs updated toolchain - please check bugzilla entry for bug #1950) [Oliver

Source Changes:

- The core is based on MAME 0.137u4.  This incorporates all features of the
  update to this core.  [MAME team]

- Added core support for loading images with shortnames which are recognized
  by .xml software lists (stored in the hash/ directory). This is currently
  supported only from command line (eventually, newui and MESSUI support will
  be added).
  For more info and instructions, please check the User Manual at MESS Wiki
  ( http://mess.redump.net/mess:howto ) [Wilbert Pol]

- Added software lists in .xml format for several systems [incog nito,
  Justin Kerk, Wilbert Pol, Fabio Priuli]

- Added preliminary emulation of the MC6852 SSDA. [Curt Coder]

- Added preliminary emulation of the 64H156 gate array device
  (used in C1541 et al). [Curt Coder]

- Added disk change handlers to the Commodore 1541 and 2040 family
  disk drives. "Edge of Disgrace" demo now loads on C64. [Curt Coder]

- Added JiffyDOS BIOSes to CBM 1541, 1541-II, SX1541, 1571, 1571CR, 1581,
  and Oceanic OC-118 disk drives. [Curt Coder]
- Added 1541 FLASH! BIOS to SX1541. [Guru, Curt Coder]

- Changes to the wd17xx implementation:
  * Added support for immediate/index pulse interrupts. [Curt Coder]
  * Suppressed extra interrupt after FORCE INTERRUPT ($D0) command. [Barry Nelson]

- Implemented Commodore DOS errors 21, 22, and 23 in D64 images.
  "Microsoft Multiplan" now loads on C64. (bug #1932) [Curt Coder]
- Refactored the MOS6530 device to use devcb. [Curt Coder]

- Refactored the Luxor ABC bus into a device. [Curt Coder]

- Added preliminary support for disk images in FDI format. [Curt Coder]

- Added preliminary RS-232 interface device. [Curt Coder]

- Inserts a check whether the get_track_size function is defined in the disk
  format before calling it. (bug #1934) [Michael Zapf]

- Implemented get_track_size function for D64 and G64 formats. [Curt Coder]

- Fixed display of hash (hsi) details in MESSUI software picker (bug #1841).

- Fixed 8080/8085 debugger when changing A and F registers. [Robbbert]

- Fixed cassette crash if the premounted image was moved. [Robbbert]

- Fixed cassette crash if the image being recorded was unmounted. [Robbbert]

- Several compilation and linking fixes for Visual Studio (bug #1852)
  [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Fixed several memory leaks [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Only schedule a hard reset when the image could be loaded [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Fixed hang when accessing unaccessible drive in File Manager (e.g. CD-ROM
  drive with no disc inserted) [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Fixed assert on shutdown after an image load error [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- Show message about success/failure when loading/creating image during run-time
  (or print to console when specified on command-line / bug #1031) [Oliver

- Check image loading result in device post-init - will now bail out on any image
  loading error and not just missing/inaccessible files (bug #1955) [Oliver
- Fixed Visual Studio specific linker errors with tiny build [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- [C2040] Added DOS 1 FDC ROM (parsed from disassembly). [Curt Coder]

- [MESSUI] Removed "File->Create Image...". It never worked and offered invalid
  image types. Use Device View to create images (not working either at the moment)
  [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- [MESSUI] Configuration of screens is working again [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- [MESSUI] Fixed the problem of the paths in driver .ini files being reset to
  default, or deleted [Robbbert]

- [NEWUI] Removed non-working input configuration artwork support [Oliver

- [NEWUI] Avoid duplicated extension when using "Save State As..." and don't
  carry the default savestate name in-between drivers when using the built-in
  menu [Oliver Stoeneberg]

- [SYSINFO] Updated sysinfo.dat to latest MESS Wiki contents [Dirk Best,
  Fabio Priuli, Robbbert, Shideravan]

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